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Joomla! Advanced CSS shows how those familiar with Joomla! and with hand-coded HTML and CSS can take the next step in creating a dynamic website with a unique look and feel. Jen Kramer McKibben goes deep into the functionality of this open-source content management system, exploring topics like putting more style into modules, editing CSS on the fly using the Firefox Web Developer toolbar, creating horizontal and vertical menu layouts, and including images in those menus. Exercise files accompany the course.
Released on: 1/9/2009Table of contents

Welcome 1:12 18.7 MB Establishing the basics 1:18 1.2 MB
Using the exercise files 5:14 4.6 MB
1. CSS in Joomla!
Introducing the Firefox Web Developer toolbar 2:50 3.6 MB
Reviewing the CSS that Joomla! provides 2:03 1.8 MB R
eviewing the module insertion code 4:13 4 MB
2. CSS and Menus:
The BasicsStyling menus horizontally 8:08 9.6 MB
Styling menus vertically 7:05 8.1 MB
Styling the tertiary navigation 5:57 6.9 MB
3. CSS and Menus:
AdvancedStyling each link individually 12:16 15.8 MB
Building image-based menus 7:00 8.9 MB
Tabbed navigation using the sliding doors technique 8:18 9.3 MB
4. Module and Content Settings and Styling
Styling breadcrumbs 5:20 7 MB
Styling multipage articles 9:27 11.6 MB
Styling a search box 7:57 9.2 MB
Styling banner ads 8:08 9.5 MB
Styling the login box 6:28 7.2 MB
Creating rounded corners for a module 14:38 19 MB
Embedding a module in your content 10:11 11.7 MB
5. Managing CSS Across Several Templates
The theory of working with more than one template 11:01 10.7 MB
Working with a template based on the default 10:14 9.8 MB
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