ORACLE DBA - The Complete Video Course

Your Complete Introduction to

The Oracle Database Administration

3 1/2 hours of video instruction PLUS the Oracle DBA Interactive Workbook e-Book,
by the Columbia University instructors, Melanie Caffrey & Douglas Scherer.

Master the basics of Oracle database administration—now!

Managing the database and its physical layout, ensuring security and data integrity,
providing for backups, PLUS the History of Oracle Networking.

See it, hear it, do it !
Don't just read about database administration !

Watch and listen as your instructors use 31/2 hours of video instruction
to cover the key topics, and then add step-by-step digital videos, real-world labs,
exercises, projects, and insight from the trenches to explore what it means to be an Oracle DBA.

Key Topics :
• Covers all key aspects of day-to-day Oracle database administration, including:
• Creating new databases
• Managing physical database layouts
• Administering users, privileges, and resource groups
• Tuning Oracle and SQL code for maximum performance
• Security, auditing, and data integrity
• Backup, recovery, and much more!


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