Lynda.com - Google Website Optimizer Essential Training

Lynda.com - Google Website Optimizer Essential Training
9/16/2010 | 702 mb

In Google Website Optimizer Essential Training, David Booth shows how to use Website Optimizer, Google's free tool for conversion optimization. Conversion optimization, or landing page testing, is the process of experimenting with content and design alternatives, displaying them to visitors, and comparing the results, with the goal of improving site performance in regard to marketing, sales, or other conversion metrics. The course covers theory and best practices, as well as a real-world implementation of A/B and multivariate testing. Practical techniques for identifying areas for improvement, estimating sample size, choosing an experiment type, designing, launching, and validating an experiment, and analyzing Website Optimizer reports are included.

Topics include:

* Understanding conversions and landing page testing
* Selling conversion testing within an organization
* Identifying pages to test
* Estimating sample size
* Choosing an experiment type
* Understanding the inner workings of Website Optimizer
* Creating and running tests
* Reading and interpreting reports
* Validating results and running follow-up experiments
* Integrating with Google Analytics

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